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I have been asked to say some words regarding the service we have received from HPC Computers. HPC Computers does only one thing for us; this entity fixes our HP Printers when they break down.

We are a very busy Law Office in Monrovia and we have 7 HP printers. They are 4 different models. 5 of the printers are under warranty and 2 are not.

We used to use another Printer Service entity and had a bit of trouble in the timeliness of getting the printers up and running. Since we started to use HPC Computers the difference has been remarkably noticeable.

The best part is that we do not have to go through HP Call Center in India or Philippines to prove that the printer is broken. We don’t have to go through a series of questions to diagnose the problem for them and waste time and then have someone get scheduled and then have the service person come and fix the broken printer. It takes lot of down time and we simply can not afford that.

One call to HPC Computers is what it takes to get the printer fixed. HPC Computers always can diagnose the problem on the phone and when whichever the Service person comes from their team to fix the printer, he always has the right part with him.

May be once or twice the service man has to get another part otherwise it is always a one stop job.

The Service person is here usually within 1-2 hours (which is unheard of in the industry) and we are up and running.

If the printer is out of warranty, the charges are very nominal and acceptable.

I don’t want to keep on going on this issue. I feel I have said enough.

Jessie K. – Monrovia, CA

I took an HP LaserJet 4250N printer and HP DesignJet 500 printer for service for the small business I own. We were amaze that both of the printers were fixed in a day’s time and ready for pickup the next day. That greatly helped us to be back in business. Overall: excellent service with reasonable prices. Will use again if needed.

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