Network Services


As a business owner, Internet downtime keeps you from efficiently meeting your customers’ demands. At HPC Computer USA, Inc., we are a reliable networking services company that helps businesses take full advantage of their computer network’s speed and features. Our customized, design-to-implementation network solutions include the installation and configuration of Network Operating System (NOS) software, network analytics, network and support services, network hardware, and network utility software.

HPC’s skilled IT professionals can install node and server components, and help you develop organizational profiles, naming conventions, and hardware profiles. Need support for your network’s time, security, or documentation requirements? We can handle that too!


HPC Computers USA has over 20 years of computer networking experience. We work diligently to comply with your requests, including the building of custom computer network systems that seamlessly and efficiently support your business operations. Our networking capabilities help prevent Internet downtime by giving you a smarter configuration that delivers optimal performance.

HPC’s professionals can also show you how to backup and quickly recover your network’s data in the event of a disaster, allowing you to resume normal business operations in minutes rather than hours. For your added peace of mind, we offer competitive pricing, fast, accurate price quotes, affordable maintenance plans, and convenient business hours.