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Please feel free to browse our products and services. We are one of San Gabriel Valley’s most trusted Computer Sales and Service centers for HP, Konica Minolta, IBM, Toshiba, Sony, Intel, Lexmark, Brother, Fujitsu, Microsoft and many other PC product manufacturers.

For a sample of the products we carry, please choose from the following:

We carry all related accessories and supplies. Please contact us with your requirements, and we will be happy to help you find the products you are looking for.

Custom Built Solutions: We build custom servers and workstations per your requirements. Please call or email us your individual requirements, and we will build a solution that’s customized and perfect for you.

Servers & Workstations

HP PC & PC Networking Products

  • HP Notebook Probook, Elite, workstations

  • HP Spectro Pro, Travellight

  • HP Desktop Systems – all-in-one, essentials

  • HP Monitors – LED 17-35 essentials, Value advantage performance series

  • All-in-one PCS

  • HP Micro Tower, Tower, Rack, Blade

HP Printing & Digital Imaging Products

  • HP Deskjet Printers – 3050-6700 Series

  • HP business Inkjet Printers – 700-PSC-950

  • HP Laserjet Printers – Black/ Color 1000-9050 Series

  • HP Designjet Printers – T1100-z6200Series

  • HP Scanjet Scanners – 9250 – N9120 Flatbed

  • HP Officejet & Laserjet All-In-One Products

HP Storage

  • HP tape, Disk Backup Systems

  • HP Disk Array Network attached Storage Networking, Blades

HP Printing & Digital Imaging Products

  • Inkjet Supplies

  • Laserjet Supplies

  • Black/Color Cartridges

  • Paper Handling Solutions

We are a BARRACUDA NETWORKS Channel Partner. BARRACUDA NETWORKS is an end-to-end protection company, covering everything from data virus threats to network security. A wide range of industries rely on BARRACUDA applications for their protection needs, including retail, health care, state and local government entities, K-12 educational institutions, and the Federal Government. We are an authorized dealer of BARRACUDA NETWORKS products and we can provide pricing and subscription renewals.

*We also build Custom Servers and Workstations with Intel Architecture for businesses and we fix HP Designjet printers and Fujitsu scanners.

Warranty Information

We honor SQUARE TRADE, AMEX, SERVICE.NET, and all other major warranty companies.

Good News for Unified School Districts!

If your students break Chromebooks, don’t worry — we can fix them!

We are a Hewlett Packard Authorized Service Center that can fix your Chromebook within WARRANTY – Try us today!

While Chromebooks are a functional, inexpensive tool that give your students a greater potential for learning and organizing important information, they are not the most durable computers on the market–in fact, its remarkable how easy it is to break one of these devices!

While newer models of the Chromebook are being designed to be “backpack-ready” upon launch, many older models are still considered very fragile. Students have accidentally broken their Chromebooks by simply leaving a pencil or pen on the keyboard and closing the screen over it. Stacking books atop the device can cause damage too–and most of the components of older models are not spill-resistant. Some users have reporting the device breaking by simply traveling with it in a backpack! No need to worry- the experts at HPC Computers USA, Inc. can repair your broken Chromebooks!